10 fun rituals for working with Tarot cards

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10 fun rituals for working with Tarot cards

10 fun rituals for working with Tarot cards

Each tarrologist has his own way of tuning to work with cards. It can be just a look into the distance, a couple of minutes of silence (like mini-meditation), holding a deck in your hands, contemplating the fire of a candle, and so on. Someone performs whole rituals with complex manipulations, while someone simply picks up cards and immediately puts them out. There are countless ways to tune into the energy information field, and none of these methods is an axiom.

On the Internet, you can find thousands of articles and videos on the topic "How to tune in to work with Tarot cards." Both from the guru, and from little-known tarologists. And almost everyone claims that his method is correct. I believe that there are no right or wrong ways to configure before the deal, there is only what works and what does not work for one or another tarologist. You can try other people's proposed methods and take yourself into service, you can come up with your own working method. The main thing is that you are comfortable, and you feel the connection with the cards. You can do anything - jump on one leg, spit over your right shoulder, ask your cat for help ... Any actions will be right if they help you to tune in. Of course, there are certain rules for communicating with cards, but they all come down to the fact that you need to respect your predictive tool, which are Tarot cards.

The introduction was a bit serious, but today I wanted to talk about the fun rituals that tarologists use before working with cards. I made a selection of ways that really work, despite the fact that at first glance they seem frivolous and even funny. Forgive me tarologists who use original techniques before communicating with cards! I have great respect for you and I believe that any method of working with the Tarot, even the strangest one, has the right to exist if it is done for the good, not the detriment.

So, here is a list of the most interesting and fun ways to configure to work with Tarot cards (a selection from tarological forums):

Lie with the deck in an embrace, closely pressing it to the body (to which place or to which part of the body to press, is not indicated).

 Sniff a deck of cards periodically while shuffling.

 Let your cat sit on the Tarot deck (the color of the cat is not important, but it is desirable ... no, not black, but red).

Put the deck in the box along with banknotes and coins, if you plan a deal on the topic of finance (the amount of money in the box is unknown).

 Before shuffling the cards, kiss the deck 3 times on each side (the “face” of the first card and the “shirt” of the last card).

 When dealing with love (especially intimate relationships), attach a deck of cards to the Swadhistan chakra (then I didn’t understand whether to apply to my sexual chakra or to the client’s chakra, and if the consultation takes place online?).

 Take the deck with both hands, put it on your head and drive several times clockwise in the crown area (here, apparently by analogy with the application of cards to Swadhistan, you need to drive along the Sahasrara chakra, which is responsible for communication with outer space, the Higher Forces).

 For several minutes, sit on the deck with booty (remember how in childhood and youth - a non-kissed girl sits on the cards that were previously played to clear them for fortune telling).

 Before dealing with love relationships, especially when using an open deck (Manara, Decameron, Casanova, Sexual Magic), undress completely and mix cards in this form (I hope this does not happen in the presence of the client).

Cover the deck of cards with a decorative small broom (I would like to add “taken from Kuzi’s house, the figure of which stands in the hallway and guards the house”).

To write the article, I had to spend quite a long time on the Internet and read a lot of topics on the forums, because such original and funny rituals are rare, or tarologists do not want to share them.

I also have my own ritual before working with the Tarot, which I have been using for several years. Before that, I tried to follow someone else's recommendations, but not mine and that’s it. I had to come up with a personal ritual. There is nothing original in my preparation for working with the Tarot - certain words during the shuffling of cards. You can call it anything you like - prayer to the Higher Powers, spell, whispering, conspiracy, but it helps me a lot to tune in to the alignment and to the client himself.

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