3 Tarot Wands 78 Doors: The Meaning and Interpretation of the Card

3 (Three) Tarot Wands 78 Doors: the meaning of a direct and inverted card, description and interpretation in love, relationships, health, business

3 Tarot Wands 78 Doors: The Meaning and Interpretation of the Card

A very interesting plot is depicted on the Arcanum 3 Tarot Wands 78 Doors. It absolutely does not look like a classic one, but at the same time it retains the possibility of a traditional interpretation, and includes new semantic nuances. Honestly, some cards of this deck make me really happy, although the style of the artist is still not very close to me. But let's continue the cycle of our materials on the meaning of cards and discuss the Three of Wands in more detail.

General Description and Symbolism of the Tarot Card

So, what kind of plot is depicted on the Arkan? We see a lighthouse standing on a cliff. But the lighthouse does not work, but some resourceful guy figured out how to save the situation: he made a fire inside it, made torches and now points the way to boats and ships. Of course, it is difficult to say whether there really is such an urgent need, because, judging by the color of the sky, it is still not night and visibility is still good. Or maybe this lighthouse is abandoned a long time ago, and the man just helps his friends get to him, signals which way to go? Who knows what exactly the artist wanted to say, but the essence remains the same: the door of the card is to quickly and timely respond to unexpected circumstances, the key is to use a non-standard solution.

The main meaning of the card

So, in the Tarot 78 Doors 3 Wands will mean some kind of non-standard situation, when something went wrong. In order to avoid a catastrophe (a ship’s wreck on a cliff), you need to urgently look for some alternative methods. Apparently, the person asking this will succeed. Also, the value of the Arcana may be a desire to show someone the right path, or vice versa to attract attention.

Inverted Map Value

Inverted map can be read in several ways:

  • You attracted unnecessary attention, and someone you did not expect responded to your call
  • Despite all your attempts to rectify the situation, you were not noticed, ignored, and now the consequences may be dire
  • Man has been taking too long, so it's too late to save the situation

The value of Arcana in the description of personality

3 Wands of Tarot 78 Doors will describe a person who has unconventional thinking. In a tense situation, which for most people may seem dangerous and risky, this individual will necessarily figure out how to get out of the situation. Also, a card can describe a person who is constantly striving to attract attention, declare himself for the sake of achieving some personal goals, or it’s just someone who is used to always “be in sight”.

The Significance of the Three Wands in Fortune-telling Work and Finance

In professional activities, 3 Wands will mean risky work, unforeseen circumstances, situations requiring a quick, immediate solution, willingness to act actively, search for alternative methods, as well as important calls, receiving urgent mail, advertising your services, any transfer of information, sometimes - expanding the scope influence. Card professions - activities related to either advertising or information.

What does the card mean in love and relationships?

In the layouts of love, a card may show a situation in which one or both partners try to attract attention, non-verbal communication, transmission or receipt of any important information related to a love union. Also, Arkan can be regarded as signs of attention that you give to someone or someone gives you. Also, 3 Wands will characterize a person who performs certain actions, trying to contact his beloved person - for example, sends an e-mail message, writes a letter, tries to somehow make himself felt, but without verbal contact.

The value of Arcana for health issues

3 Tarot Wands 78 Doors can be perceived as attempts to help someone. Perhaps the questioner is much more concerned about the well-being of someone close than his own. In general, the map shows good health. It can also be considered as advice to use alternative medicine methods. When falling upside down, it may well be interpreted as an attempt to attract attention. You have probably met people who constantly complain that everything is bad with them, although in fact the situation is far from critical.

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