6 Tarot Wands 78 Doors: Meaning and Interpretation of the Card

6 (Six) of the Tarot Wands 78 Doors: the meaning of a direct and inverted card, description and interpretation in love, relationships, health, business

6 Tarot Wands 78 Doors: Meaning and Interpretation of the Card

6 Tarot Wands 78 Doors: Meaning and Interpretation of the Card

Our article today continues the series of materials on the interpretation of Tarot deck 78 cards. 6 Wands, which we will consider today - at the same time a very simple and rather complex Arkan. At first glance, it seems that the value is almost completely consistent with the classics, but if you take into account some nuances, you can understand that this is not so. The illustration created by Antonella Platano shows several possible interpretations of this Arcana at once. Let's take it apart.

General description and symbolism of the map

So what is happening on the Six Wands? We see a young man in a business suit who enters the office. Other aged men gathered in the cockpit, who joyfully greet the newcomer with applause. Apparently, the man really deserved them. It is interesting that the key is not needed in this card - the door is already open, so it remains only to enter it. In fact, a person simply receives what he deserves, and in this case he deserves success. The lasso in meaning has something in common with the classic Waite card of victory and triumph, but in Waite we do not see those who welcome the winner. Here, in the Tarot 78 Doors, 6 Wands clearly shows the approval of older people, more experienced, wise, who have achieved a lot.

The main meaning of the card

As I said, Arkan will mean first of all a well-deserved success in any business of which we are talking. This is a favorable outcome of any question. Also, the card can be considered as gaining public recognition, gaining strong authority, a breakthrough in any undertaking, support and approval from others, as well as those who are older, wiser, more experienced.

Inverted interpretation of the Arcana

An inverted card can mean that any success will always be associated with the appearance of envious, ill-wishers, competitors who can become more active when they learn about your achievements. Perhaps, someone simply will not like that you have achieved a lot, or success itself will turn your head.

What does a card mean when describing a person?

6 Wands in Tarot 78 Doors describes a strong, influential, purposeful, ambitious person who has achieved a lot in life through his own labor. This is a person of high social status, respected by others. Many admire him, support his endeavors. Such a person, unfortunately, often has many envious people, and sometimes, with a negative environment, begins to “star”. But in general, he is a strong-willed, ambitious, active person.

The Significance of 6 Wands for Work and Finance

If we are talking about professional activities, then the card clearly promises success. This may be a project that has paid off, beneficial cooperation, promotion, high authority among the team, good income, stable work and financial income. Also often Arkan indicates approval of your actions by higher authorities or simply colleagues. If we ask the cards about the possibility of a device to work, the answer will be unequivocal - yes, it will succeed.

The meaning of cards for love and relationships

6 Tarot Wands 78 Doors for love can be read in several aspects:

  • Getting recognition from a partner - a loved one has realized your importance
  • A good choice of the groom, bride, spouse, lover, “profitable” marriage, relationships, fully approved by relatives
  • Good prospects for the novel
  • For a single person - popularity in the team, attention from the opposite sex

Interpretation of the Arcana in the health layouts

A direct card will always show excellent well-being, excellent physical shape. You can even say that others will ask you how you managed to achieve this. At a more everyday level, a similar situation of the card can be considered as a person who, for example, has lost a lot of weight and now causes others to delight, but there will certainly be ill-wishers who envy his success. An inverted Arkan may show fear of losing what a person has: good health, good physical shape, as well as various neuroses, manic states like persecution mania, suspicion, lack of calm.

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