Druid Tarot

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Druid Tarot

Druid Tarot
The Druid Tarot is 78 cards, the symbols of which, unlike the usual Tarot cards, are clear and understandable. These cards are modernized, it is convenient to read information related to business, crime, investigation, finance and jurisprudence. They got their name from the Druids - priests of the ancient Celtic tribes who inhabited Western Europe in pre-Christian times.

To correctly interpret the tarot cards of the Druids, one must study the entire pantheon of Celtic gods. They are depicted on each map, and psychological images are veiled in them. The deck is made in a highly artistic style, all the pictures are colorful and vibrant. Having allocated enough time to study Celtic mythology, you will learn how to easily and accurately interpret the meaning of maps.

Druids are priests of the Celts, the peoples who inhabited northwestern Europe in ancient times. The Celts worshiped trees, so the word drui translates as "oak." In the 10-11 centuries, druidism was supplanted by Christianity, but Celtic mythology was forever imprinted in the tarot cards of the Druids.

Deck structure
The Druid Tarot deck consists of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. The gods of Celtic mythology are depicted on the major lasso, and at the bottom of the map there are names written in Latin script.

Minor Arcana consist of:

bowl decks are olive tree goblets
pentacles - amulets in the shape of an egg; additional meaning - litigation, justice
scepters - mistletoe branches
of swords
There is no thesis in the deck, it is replaced by card 1. The names of the cards in the druids do not coincide with the classic Tarot. For example, the 15th card of the Devil is replaced by the great warrior and magician of the druids Fin Mac Cumaill.

And if the classic version negatively interprets this card, then the Celtic Tarot designates the 15th card as a negotiation, and in an inverted form - a fraud. If there is a similarity between these two Tarot, then only in the major lasso. Minor Arcana match neither the pictures nor the value.

Divination Features with a Druid Tarot Deck
Druid tarot is easy to interpret. The snag is related to the lack of symbolism. The images themselves prompt the answer to what they really mean. In case of difficulties in interpretation, you need to open a book on Celtic mythology, and there you will find the right answer.

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