How to predict on the Tarot cards

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How to predict on the Tarot cards

Learning the meaning of tarot cards is like learning the rules of the English language. Until you know them, you cannot conduct a quality diagnosis. Having studied traditional meanings, you might think that a particular card speaks to you in a different way. It happens. We all see the world in different ways, and if the message that you take from the card matches your soul, who can say that you are wrong? At first, you may find it helpful to write the values ​​of the cards on the labels and stick them to the back of the cards. The person who reads the cards is known as a fortuneteller. And the person for whom the alignment is made is the plaintiff. It is advisable to keep the cards in a black bag, preferably made of silk. This protects your divination tools from negative and positive vibrations. Most readers do not allow anyone to touch their cards so that they possess their personal aura.

Tarot deck selection and activation

For divination, you can use any deck that you like. Do not let other people's opinions influence your choice. Someone starts with universal, someone closer to the deck book of shadows. Everything is very individual. There is an abundance of choice, and I believe that your intuition will draw you to the cards that are most suitable for you. Please note that some decks may have changes in the number of cards. There may also be significant differences in the interpretation of symbolism, although the prevailing approach is based on the Oren of Golden Dawn.
There are usually three prevailing tarot systems:
Rider waite smith

If you are a beginner in fortune telling, then some recommend buying a universal deck first, explaining that firstly there are more materials on it that you can find and study, secondly, the pictures on the cards will be tips for you. In the future, you can choose any deck to your taste. To start using the deck, you need to connect with it, so that it absorbs your energy, mood. This is necessary for the mood for intuitive work. To do this, place it in the part of your house that is personally yours. Some people keep their cards only in sacred places, for example, on the altar or in a special place reserved for holy books. A wardrobe or chest of drawers that is filled with personal souvenirs is also suitable. In such spaces there will be the most intense vibrations of your personal and spiritual energies that fill the deck. Once you have identified a place for the cards, put them there for a while. Then after that, put the cards under your pillow every night for a week, so you will get the best answers. Many fortunetellers necessarily clear the deck of alien energies before starting. To do this, you can place the cards in a tightly enclosed space, for example a box filled with quartz crystals, or put it in salt, which has the properties of purification. You can clean the deck with sage smoke or cleansing herbs. You can even take into account the phases of the moon, brush off, charge on growth. Do what is intuitively true for you. After the purge from alien energies is completed, place the symbols of predictions in their sacred space. To connect even more strongly with the deck, within three to five days, perform your primary experience in fortune telling. Take cards before bedtime, hold them in your hands, shuffle, view pictures and concentrate your energies in them. Take your time, study each card, absorb its images with your mind. This process helps you tune in and articulate your understanding of the signs and symbols of the Tarot. On a more mundane level, this helps you familiarize yourself with the images of the deck.

Tarot storage

Here also listen to your intuition. You can store your cards in their original packaging. Or keep them in a pouch on a drawstring. Traditionally, it was believed that tarot cards should be wrapped in black silk. If you decide to use the box, then preferably it should be wooden. A box made of cedar keeps the characters unspoiled by external energies. Many use for our purposes caskets of cypress, hazelnut, holly, spruce or willow. They are considered ideal for divination and spiritual purposes. Oak and maple will strengthen the energy of the Tarot. It doesn’t matter how you keep your magic symbols, it’s more important that you connect with them. Through frequent and prolonged use of cards, you will create a strong bond between you and your deck. And this is not superstition. This is the opening of your mind to be as receptive as possible to what the tarot should convey to you.

Preparing for the interpretation of tarot

If you have psychic abilities, the layouts on the cards can give you an understanding of future or past events. If your intuition is not yet developed, practice will help it grow and strengthen. Awareness of the spiritual dimension of life, plus trust in intuitive ability, can lead to the development of extrasensory meaning. You will ultimately be able to give the cards distinct, independent interpretations, but before you reach this stage, you need to study the traditional meanings and guess at them, gradually awakening intuition, inner awareness, and sensitivity. Many readers turn one-third of the cards upside down to invert them before shuffling. Most fortunetellers shuffle the deck on their own, and ask that the plaintiff only remove the cards. This he must do with his left hand, which has a connection with the spiritual and subconscious.

How to ask a tarot question

Although the plaintiff usually thinks and tunes for a long time to ask a specific question, you should be aware that many people often prefer not to disclose personal information, especially if they are skeptical about the psychic ability of the predictor, fortunetellers usually ask about an unimportant problem, because they are afraid to express, what really excites them. Despite this, an intuitive fortune teller can give tips to help solve the real problem. If you are guessing for yourself, then tune in to the question, clearly formulate it, draw out cards and start reading the layout. If negative cards appear in divination, always try to interpret them kindly, and look for positive aspects in them.

Tarot relaxation and empathy

To start reading, it is important to relax the mind, so that it is open to the messages that the Tarot symbols will send to you. When you decide which layouts you will use and are ready to set out cards, spend a few minutes thinking or praying for the right direction. You can also protect yourself by visualizing a bright golden ring surrounding your body and then closing around your chest. Some psychics do this to protect themselves from encountering people who are fighting or negative in nature, capable of draining energy. Remember that in every fortune-telling, you should not focus on what negative cards say. You should always try to put yourself in the place of the plaintiff and interpret the characters in the kindest way.

Tarot Signifier Selection

In some cases, your first task is to choose a card that will represent the plaintiff. This card is known as a signifier. If the question of the plaintiff is of an emotional or spiritual nature, it is traditional to choose a card from the major lasso, Hierophant for a man or the High Priestess for a woman. If the question relates to material issues, usually choose a figure from the minor arcana. In addition to the individual values, the tarot cards also indicate the person’s age, gender and hair color. Your plaintiff may not entirely fall into a single category, so you will need to use your own judgment to select a card.
Older people, if their hair is gray, usually introduce themselves: pentacles
You may prefer to choose the signifier according to the internal qualities of the plaintiff, rather than external. The king embodies the positive, experienced, intellectual. Sometimes it represents an aggressive, dictatorial, sociable force. The queen characterizes intuitive, sympathetic, nurturing, and sometimes manipulative energy, internal power. The knight symbolizes a young, energetic, innovative, passionate, reckless nature, and sometimes a selfish individuality. A page represents the qualities of a spiritual appearance, an artistic or intellectual personality.

Various interpretation Taro

Always analyze more in the layout before smaller to get a complete picture of future prospects. Examine all the cards in the layout. If a lot of major lasso has fallen, this means that the events they portray will be of lasting importance to humans. This may also indicate that the plaintiff has a strong and brave nature and certain ideas about life. Look at the alignment, is there a lot of major arcana in it or not? If there is a lot, it can indicate a person who is being controlled, who cannot express his true feelings and can be close to the limit. If not a lot, this can mean a deep internal calamity, because the plaintiff does not face his problems and does not solve them. The meanings of the major lasso are complemented by the younger ones, they bring more clarity to the predicted events and give more depth to the spiritual and emotional problems that the plaintiff may face. The four suits of minor arcana represent the four elements, and the superiority of any of them in fortune telling means that the area indicated by the suit should be studied more thoroughly.

The main areas that each suit controls are:

Wands symbolize fire, life, growth, and work.
Cups mean water, emotions, love, pleasure, subconsciousness, abundance, beauty.
Pentacles represent the earth, the five senses, money, magic and trade.
Swords denote spiritual struggle, physical conflict, courage in the face of enmity, and strength in adversity.

If the plaintiff has a specific problem, select a narrower layout using only the appropriate suit:

For career issues - wands
For emotional - cups.
For spiritual conflict or solution, swords.
For monetary affairs - pentacles.
If the issue concerns deeply spiritual issues or life choices, use the senior arcana.

If there is superiority of curly cards in any scenario, this indicates that many people are involved in the situation, although sometimes a figure can mean an event, not a person, and sometimes both. The intrinsic qualities of curly cards can reflect the plaintiff’s own intrinsic nature, or they can portray a person with those qualities who will act as a catalyst to teach the plaintiff a lesson and help them develop themselves.

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