Secret signs in the tarot: using symbolism to expand interpretations

Secret signs in tarot cards. Symbolism for expanding interpretations of tarot. meaning symbolism tarot, love triangle

Secret signs in the tarot: using symbolism to expand interpretations

Have you ever noticed that cards often speak symbolic languages with us? No, I’m now not talking about the main meaning of the Arcana, but about the small and not always noticeable nuances that sometimes give us direct clues. When you look at the image of the map and perceive it in a completely different way, not at all in the generally accepted sense, but as if at the level of intuition. Did it happen to you? In my work, this happens regularly, and today I want to share with you my personal experience on how sometimes familiar cards are played out of the box.

3 Disc Tarot Thoth as a love triangle

The classic meaning of the 3 Disks in the mystical Tarot of Alistair Crowley is work, labor, earthly affairs, the application of effort. It is in this aspect that the card is played in most hands. But once, when this numeric Arkan fell out in my fortune-telling about the relationship of the couple, I looked at him and thought: “This is a love triangle!” And it turned out to be right. The hint was given by the image itself. Surprisingly, it was this value that was lost a little later again, in another similar love scenario. It would seem that there is nothing in common between the author’s interpretation and my intuitive perception of the map, but it turns out that Arkan can manifest itself both ways

10 Ryder Waite Wands as Theft at Work

An interesting situation happened once with 10 Wands. I made a familiar alignment with the situation with the work of her young man. She did not understand why he suddenly resigned from a well-paid position, although he had been happy with everything before. His explanations were more like some excuses from the series “sat up,” “I want another job,” etc. The reason for the dismissal came 10 Staves. I looked at the map for a long time, and then suddenly a picture clearly appeared in front of my eyes as a person taking and carrying something. I assumed that he had committed theft, although the traditional meaning was to speak of overwhelming obligations. It turned out that this is really so: very soon the young man admitted to his girlfriend that he and another man were asked to quit voluntarily because they had appropriated automobile parts that were stored in a warehouse, in the hope that no one would does not recognize this.

Red Dress of the Queen's Cup Nicoletta Ceccoli

I often watch telecasts about psychics (“Battle of psychics”, “Supernatural selection”) for the purpose of practice. When participants complete assignments, I also try to complete them with them using Tarot cards. Once again, I faced this task: it was necessary to determine which of the five girls was pregnant. I decided to use the “female” deck of Nicoletta Ceccoli, pulling out five cards from it that correspond to the girls. On four of them, rather strange cards came that could not be tied to the girls, but the fifth card - the Queen of the Bowls - caught my eye. Firstly, I immediately noticed that it depicted a fish - and the fish, as you know, dream of pregnancy, so I suggested that the girl who dropped this card is the one that needs to be found. And then, looking again at the girl and the map more closely, I found another striking similarity - the participant, like the Queen on the map, was wearing a red dress! I made my choice. Needless to say that he turned out to be right?

The King of Swords and the inverted Knight of the Cups of the Hermetic Tarot as a tragedy from childhood

Once, my friends and I, who are also fond of esotericism and cards, decided to ask each other questions and answer them with the help of the Tarot. I got a question about what happened to one of them on the named date. I took the Hermetic Tarot and pulled out two cards - they turned upside down Knight of the Cups and the King of Swords. For some reason, the classical interpretation intuitively faded into the background and I focused solely on the image of the map. In the inverted Knight of the Cups, I clearly saw a man who is under water, and in the King of Swords - children. I did not succeed in linking these cards together, and I just said that on the named date in my life there was some kind of situation related to water and children. It turned out that on this day she saved a drowning child on the river. As it turned out, I was not far from the truth.

Devil Tarot Thoth as life in a communal apartment

It was interesting once that the Devil card was lost as an answer to the question about the living conditions of the family. First of all, I drew attention to a bunch of people locked in balloons, and it immediately occurred to me to associate with a very small, cramped apartment - it turned out that a family of four actually lives in one of the rooms of an old communal apartment in the historic center of the city.

Hermit Tarot Eternity Stars as old age alone with faithful dogs

Sometimes it just amazes me how literal cards can be. When considering the situation of one client, the Hermit card fell out as an answer to the question of what worries her at the moment. I did not even have time to figure out anything, as she herself, pointing to Arkan, said: “This is my grandfather! I am very worried about him. He lives in a country house with three dogs, all alone, all the neighbors parted. She doesn’t want to move to the city, but he has heart problems, and I’m very worried, no matter what happens. ”

Once the chosen signifier gives hints and then

I often deal with my close friend. As a signifier, I always choose the Queen of Chalices - for some reason, this card is always associated with this girl for me. Once at a tea party, when we had intimate conversations, she mentioned that she was interested to see what was going on in the head of her man’s ex-wife. It so happened that the man himself did not inform his ex-wife for some reason about his relationship with my girlfriend, which had been going on for a long time. And then to the question what this woman is thinking about now, the same Queen of the Cups falls, which I always use as a signifier for my girlfriend. We thought it was very strange, because she did not know about her existence in principle. And in the evening of the same day, it turned out that from one of the mutual acquaintances this woman had learned about the new relationship of her ex-husband and had actively begun to wonder who he was dating, how long it had been, how serious everything was, i.e. really thought about my girlfriend.

Inverted 6 Bowl of Wild Unknown Tarot Calls Last Name

This story generally seems amazing and incredible. I worked with one client on career issues. She could not find the thing that she would like to do. We worked in online mode, so I sent her a photo of the map with detailed comments. When asked about who or what could help her get an interesting job, an inverted 6 Bowl of Wild Unknown Tarot came. In this deck, the meaning of the card departs from the traditional one and in the upright position the card is interpreted as a connection with relatives, old friends, the environment, childhood memories, and family roots. I suggested that the opposite situation means that some old friend who will suddenly appear in her life can help her with a job search. For some reason, this card made the client laugh, she said that the picture reminds her of a carrot.

Three weeks later, I wrote to her to find out how things were going. She said that a week after our consultation, she went to a meeting of classmates, and one of them, learning about her difficulties, offered her a job in his company. It would seem, what’s the catch - the value coincided, the job offer came from an old friend. But you won’t believe it, the name of this classmate was Morkovin and, naturally, as a child, everyone teased him with “Carrot”.

See what miracles sometimes happen? Have there been any such cases in your practice? Share it!

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