See playing cards in a dream

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See playing cards in a dream

See playing cards in a dream.
According to the dream book, playing cards - they warn that you have a very difficult choice, put a lot on the line.

If you play them - spend time in an interesting company, while winning - you are waiting for financial income, losing

If the game is for money - you will find enormous problems.

To see fortune-telling cards in a dream - everything will turn out diametrically opposite to what was predicted.

We uncovered your scam - you waste a lot of money and time, you won’t get any benefit.

If they are of red color - you are waiting for disappointment in your personal life, black - they portend success in the financial sphere.

If you dream that you are showing tricks - in reality you can arrange a pleasant surprise for households, which will make them unspeakably happy.

Club cards portend - well-being, business success, peak

Play cards - incomprehensible anxiety and negative emotions will accompany you in the coming days.

Playing cards in a dream - excitement and trouble in a long journey. There may be force majeure circumstances that will add extra fuss on the trip.

Dreaming fortune telling on the cards - stunning news. Wake up strong emotions, vivid impression, sudden events.

A deck of cards - it seems to you that everyone wants to deceive everyone around, taking advantage of your ignorance. You will seem to be very vulnerable.

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