The meaning of sleep about a wedding in a dream for girls

The meaning of sleep about a wedding in a dream for girls. Interpretation of a wedding in a dream. Interpretation of a woman's sleep. Interpretation of sleep online.

The meaning of sleep about a wedding in a dream for girls

When interpreting the question of why a woman dreams of a wedding in a dream, first of all, it is necessary to focus on the fact that in reality the wedding is a certain frontier, beyond which a new life begins, coupled with both joyful and sad events. Therefore, the vast majority of generally accepted dream books give a double interpretation of such visions, although much here depends on the little things seen, experienced experiences. Esotericists believe that the dreaming process of marriage is associated with any personal expectations of a person. For example, such dreams are often visited by single women, or those who seek to change the situation. Important! When interpreting dreams, pay close attention to the emotions experienced. Often, they directly contribute to the correct interpretation of visions, and dream books will only supplement the conclusions made.

Seeing your wedding in a dream

Those who had a chance to see their own marriage in a dream should be divided into two conditional groups - married and free women. Representatives of the first group can expect the following events:
if one of the guests is present in mourning robes, then the future marriage will be unhappy;
the event taking place takes place without excesses, and the face of the groom is clearly distinguishable as a good sign, it will be reasonable to remember this person, perhaps he will play an important role in your life;
those girls who are in a serious relationship with a young man can count on an early marriage proposal;
to experience wedding dreams, insecurity in a dream, to see the problems associated with this - to the disease;

It should be noted that when deciphering dreams about your own wedding, the brightness of the pictures shown by Morpheus is of great importance. The brighter, richer the surroundings, the more positive the color of future events.

An interesting interpretation of dreams is given to women from the second group of gurus of psychoanalysis Freud. In his opinion, if a married lady sees herself at a celebration with her spouse, then this will soon be replenished in her own family or with loved ones. If the former spouse acts as the groom, then this is a hint of the subconscious mind about the need to reconsider the chosen priorities in personal life, otherwise there is every chance of repeating past mistakes. Miller agrees with Freud, he also established the pattern between dreams of marriage for married women with a possible birth of children. Advice! In most cases, the theme of "wedding" dreams is dictated by the subconscious, so before you start browsing the numerous dream books, take a little time to internal psychoanalysis. This will help highlight the most important directions in the interpretation of dreams.

See someone else's wedding in a dream

Our ancestors believed that someone else's wedding was dreaming of trouble, and modern esoterics on this issue disagree. As a result, dream books interpret such knowledge in a rather diverse way, but, nevertheless, a number of generalized opinions can be distinguished. So, if a girl observes the marriage of her own bridegroom with an outside woman, then this speaks of imminent minor problems. Fun at the wedding is unambiguously interpreted on the positive side, and Vanga recommends that you carefully look at the guests, as you can see your betrothed among them. The dream of someone else's marriage in most cases leads to minor events. For example, Freud believed that the subconscious mind hints at readiness, the desire of the body for intimacy and, therefore, it is likely that in the near future interesting events will happen that are not without pleasant moments. If a woman has everything normal in her personal life, then the vision can be interpreted as a hint of forthcoming chores, worries, but they will be insignificant.

The meaning of sleep about not coming to the wedding

When deciphering dreams, where a person happened to not attend the wedding, one should remember what exactly prevented attending the event, what nuances of this event seemed most striking.
Most often, girls observe the following points:
the young man did not come to the altar - unpleasant news should be expected;
the groom said that he changed his mind about marriage - to deception;
narrowed late, arrived in the wrong place, stuck in traffic, etc. - to troubles and unnecessary fuss;
the rival took the groom away - to a quarrel with loved ones.
Typically, such messages are visited by those who are concerned about something, and are waiting for unpleasant events. As a rule, fears are groundless, the possibility of minor troubles is not excluded, although they will be easy to overcome. In addition, third-party monitoring of the marriage may be a direct hint of fate for the need to improve their personal lives. Unmarried girls should pay more attention to members of the opposite sex. Attention! In dreams about the wedding, girls can often see their betrothed, and married women are able to provide significant assistance. Therefore, pay close attention to faces.

The meaning of sleep as a widow is getting married

If you had a dream, where the widows get married, then waking up you need to remember the age of the groom. Young, narrowed-to new love feelings that have not yet been strengthened, so they need to be protected, make efforts to control your behavior, not to say too much, try not to discuss your personal life, both with outsiders and with best friends. An elderly man acting as a groom is not a very good sign meaning the absence of positive moments in the near future. Further, when interpreting visions of widows, it will not be superfluous to pay attention to the emotions of the bride, her appearance. A woman screaming at guests - there will be any hindrances in establishing personal life. A crying lady - to an unwanted acquaintance, and laughing to a light flirtation. A very good dream is where the bride is dressed in a classic white dress. This means the beginning of a bright streak in life. But here everything can spoil the presence at the celebration of a deceased relative, photographs in a mourning frame and other similar attributes. They have the opposite effect - there is a high probability of the occurrence of a black band in life. No less sad consequences are the dream of a married widow dressed in a red dress. When dreams about a personal wedding begin to dream of widows who loved their husbands, this is the first sign of the onset of mental deformation. Such women miss their man, they cannot let him out of their hearts, their soul cannot find peace. Here psychological help is needed, it will help to understand that life did not stop with the death of a loved one, we should go further - raise children, comprehend something new.

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