Why dream about the flood in the apartment - a detailed interpretation of sleep

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Why dream about the flood in the apartment - a detailed interpretation of sleep

Since ancient times, people have been paying attention to dreams. Experienced magicians attached importance to every sign and symbol. If a person uses information correctly, he will be able to avoid various problems. In order to understand why there is a flood in the apartment, you need to carefully study all the details of what you see.

In ancient times, people perceived water in different ways. On the one hand, the crop depended on it. Drought threatened severe hunger, so the rains were perceived as a blessing. But a large number of rains threatened with floods, flooding and natural disasters.

Note: In an esoteric sense, fluid symbolizes human emotions. The more it is, the stronger the conflicts, quarrels, scandals. Everyone runs the risk of getting out of hand.

For a proper understanding of what you have seen, the following factors must be taken into account: water transparency; its quantity; scene.

Personal associations, feelings, emotions are important. If sleep remains a bad sensation, then it will not bring anything good. Conflicts, problems with a partner and family await a person. With positive feelings after sleep, there is nothing to worry about. A good streak will come in life. Pure liquid gives a chance to correct the situation. Sleeping can prevent the possibility of negative developments. To do this, he will have to analyze his life, change it radically. Turbid moisture portends problems. The dreamer quarrels with relatives for a long time. Relatives will interfere with him, entice him into intrigue. We'll have to learn tricks and calm.


Watch the flood in the apartment - the planned will not come true, the goals will not be fulfilled and will not be realized. We’ll have to put up with it and choose new “steps” for lifting.

Important: You must not try to achieve what you want, in spite of everything, as this will lead to problems.

Flooding in someone else's apartment symbolizes conflicts in the love field. They will lead to: tears; scandals; alarms. The partner will begin to abuse alcohol. To avoid this, you need to show understanding, tact, attention. It is advisable not to promote conflicts, letting them go out at the very beginning. If water flows in the kitchen, then the quarrel will be in the family. It is necessary to show restraint and not be carried on provocation. The reason for the scandal will be an ordinary household trifle, which is definitely not worth it. Seeing flooding in the bathroom is a warning of problems at work. The dreamer has every chance of being fired. You need to think about the material side - you can not lend, as the money will not return. To observe a large amount of liquid on the floor of a neighboring apartment - unexpected guests will soon appear. To preserve emotions and health, one cannot respond to their jokes and attempts to unleash a conflict.

Water location

If the dreamer is drowned by neighbors and he watches how moisture is dripping from the ceiling - this portends the beginning of a difficult stage in life. Have to seriously work to reduce the likelihood of losses. If the ceiling is only wet, but water does not pour from it, then the person has to seriously defend his point of view. Do not be afraid to insist on your own, as this will help to overcome all life's obstacles. The collapse of the ceiling from high humidity - to the dismissal and other problems of a professional nature. If the liquid covers the floor ankle-deep, then the dreamer needs to wait for good news. They will bring a lot of pleasant emotions and memories. Watching how water fills a person’s private room is not the best sign. Complexities await him, he will lose his job, he will begin to be constrained by fear of any efforts. All this must be overcome, as this will give new skills and abilities.


Massive floods instilled fear in people throughout the entire existence of mankind. In literature, folklore, legends you can find information about various great floods. Therefore, if the dreamer sees how he has to escape from the tsunami, then in reality this will lead to a lot of tears. Important: If the elements take a large number of lives, it is better for a person to exercise caution and prudence. A similar plot portends losses and losses. Cataclysms embody the idea that every day of life presents various pleasant and not very things. Therefore, it is necessary to have patience, not to flee from fate and steadfastly endure all adversities. Observe how rapid streams of water carry the sleeper away - to diseases, injuries. Have to spend a lot of time in hospitals.

Gender differences

When interpreting esotericism, the gender and age of the dreamer are taken into account. For a woman, the flood is a warning. A scandal is brewing in her family that will be associated with children or a partner, possibly with close relatives. In order to prevent negative developments, you need to show the best qualities, be tactful and not succumb to provocations. For a girl, such a sign also does not bode well. She is waiting for treason on the part of a loved one. There is a high probability that the mistress does not hesitate to come to the threshold of a legal companion and make a scandal. It is necessary to prepare for experiences, tears, disorders. Pregnant such a dream also does not promise anything good. In her life there will be unrest, which can provoke an early birth or other problems with the baby. It is necessary to restrain emotions and prevent the emergence of critical situations. For a man, a similar plot only portends the beginning of problems. They will relate to housing or work. Will have to change jobs or move. Problems with a woman will aggravate, conflicts will appear. To avoid this, you will have to learn to compromise, not to stir up a quarrel and to yield.

Popular authors

Interpretations of various symbols can be found in various dream books. Esotericists and psychologists viewed the signs in a different light. Miller believed that if the flood occurred in a personal apartment, the dreamer would face a serious collision with the enemy. To the note Watching how water is in the room means more and more bogging down in personal problems. It is necessary to take responsibility for actions and learn to bear failures. If there is a husband or wife, such a dream indicates an imminent conflict. In this case, an increase in the water level in the room means the infantilism of the partner. Freud considers a lot through the prism of sexual attraction. Therefore, if the neighbors arranged a flood, the sleeping man can wait for a fascinating adventure with an intimate bias. Watch the floor dry after an accident - experience problems in the genital area. For a married woman, such a story is favorable - she will soon become pregnant. Vanga did not perceive such a symbol well, since she considered it a predecessor of serious disasters. In a person’s life comes a bad streak that cannot be corrected, only experienced. Tsvetkov associated the flow of water with an improvement in his monetary condition. A favorable period for opening a business or promotion. There will be new ways to make money. In modern sources you can find such an interpretation - a flood in the apartment to the problems in life. Probably in the family there will be misfortunes of varying severity.

Dream Interpretation by Day of the Week

In pagan times, every day of the week was endowed with certain magical powers. Therefore, esotericists also take into account what day the dream was seen. If it was Monday, then quarrels and conflicts await in a person’s life, but at the same time he will receive a sign where to move on. On the second day, the plot is associated with the areas of work, love, finance. It is worth waiting for improvement, the emergence of new sources of income or increase. On Wednesday night, a flood dream portends change on the personal front. The sleeping partner is waiting for the appearance of a partner, an improvement in feelings in the union or an unexpected surprise. On Thursday night, a similar plot is often interpreted literally. That is, the dreamer has every chance to face a real flooding of the apartment. It is worth paying attention to the state of plumbing. On Friday, you must be careful not to make a hasty conclusion and clearly evaluate every step taken. Otherwise, there is a chance of problems. Saturday is not so bad. The plot rather hints to the sleeping man about the need to analyze personal problems. He has to deal with thoughts, feelings, sensations. On Sunday night, sleep indicates imminent loneliness, household trifles, bustle of economic affairs. All this will be oppressive.

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